Seamless recharging & maintenance-free sensing using long-range wireless RF power and data transfer and sensing

About RX Watt

RX Watt Ltd. presents the first holistic solution for simultaneous wirleess power and data transfer, with integrated sensing functionalities. We deliver functional systems for battery-free and maintainence-free sensing systems applicable to industrial asset condition monitoring.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way electronic devices are powered, eliminating the need for traditional batteries and enabling battery-free sensing and seamless re-charging, covering industrial, healthcare, and consumer electronics.

Our Tech


In the UK, around 40,000 tonnes of portable batteries were sold in 2020, over 22,000 batteries were not recycled.

As we eliminate single-use batteries, we are committed to building sustainable electronic systems, our solutions are backed by environmental life-cycle assessments (LCAs)
for demonstrated reductions in the system's carbon footprint.

Our Team

RX Watt's is a Spin-Out from the Green RF-Enabled Electronics Lab, based in the University of Glasgow.